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Secrets of Achieve Female Orgasm

In order to Achieve Female Orgasm there is some important key points must be follows as:

1)            Spend more time on Foreplay

Stimulate  mentally , feeling by leaving sexy notes on text messages during a day to get her excited . Physical arousal is important thing Bangalore Escorts in order to achieve orgasm. Flirtatious call during a day can get her thinking about your upcoming liaison. It doesn’t require any supplements for big boost in the hormone, through as your average cuddling, hugging, Kissing and bond activities can do trick.

2)            Tender Touch

Female Orgasm

Use Tender  touch ,which create sexual tension before taking things further. Female orgasm is more likely happen if, hug her, kiss , holding hands , Bangalore Escorts Service   rubbing private parts, kiss on back, kiss on chest etc. Due to this sexual hormone releases and the partner orgasm achieve. But, your partner  should  be  feel  comfortable with your Tender touch.

3)             Turn up the heat

Turn up the heat

Before, sex  with  your partner take a hot bath for a short time. The bath increases a blood flow to your vagina. After, heating a vagina take your hands on her vagina and rubbing slowly due to this your partner heats well and ready for sex. Most of the female like doggie position so, use effective sexual position in Bangalore Call Girls  order to achieve orgasm.

4)             Know Her Sweet Spots

Sweet Spots

There is two places on female body that makes her orgasm are as follows:

       à G-Spot:  The G-spot located inside the vagina , it is a sensitive part of the female. So, let your finger inside the vagina and rubbing sweetly. Due to this your partner releases cum and feel orgasm. But be careful Escorts in Bangalore some female like touching G-spot and other don’t likes .So, ask your partner which she likes best.

                   à Clitoris : Clitoris located top of the vagina it contain high concentration of nerve Bangalore Escorts endings, Clitoris covered little bit of skin called “clitoral hood”. In order to achieve orgasm you must licking clitoris and kissing it. The hood of clitoris becomes erect and his shows your partner feels happy.

5)            Try Female Friendly Sexual Positions
Sex Positions

àThere is various positions that likes most of the females during sex are as follows:

Ø  Doggie Position:  It is a famous  sex  position that use most of the partners during sex. In this position female the receiver to lie  down flat on their stomach, putting a pillow under the hips in this position can sometimes make for more pleasure and Male Female Orgasm achieve.

Ø  Women on Top position:  This position provides  good  simulation on the G-spot given the angle of the penis. Female can move her body in way to simulates clitoris. The anus goes much inside the vagina causes G-spot and clit Bangalore Escorts both are in pressure that gives your partner absolute pleasure. 

Ø  Rear Entry: This position penetrate and simulates the Bangalore Escorts Service  G-spot during the sex. This  position feels comfort both male and female.

Ø  Sitting : Sitting on the partner by Bangalore Call Girls spreading legs and deep penetration and simulation feels pressure on the vagina , due to this orgasm is achieved.